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Privacy policy 2023 

In this Privacy Policy the designer and founder Felipe Nahuel Varela [Felipe Nahuel Varela, (numero de registracion)] shall be referred to as “the designer”. The websites shall be referred to as “the website”.

Privacy Policy
1.1 Cookies
In order to enhance the functionality of the website(s), the designer collects functional cookies. As a website visitor, you are aware of this and you agree with the collection of these cookies.
1.2 Links to other websites
The designer is not responsible for the information published, online activity or data collection of third parties to whom is linked on the website(s).
1.3 Leaving comments
Comments on the website can be deleted upon request, by contacting  The comment will be deleted within 30 days after receiving the request
1.4 Contacting the designer
When contacting the designer by email, Skype or via the contact form on the website, the user/client is aware of and agree with the terms, conditions & Privacy policy of and Skype.
1.5 Collecting personal data
1.5.1 The designer will collect only data required by law and needed to maintain the business activities. This information includes: name, contact details, website, CoC and VAT number.
1.5.2 Other information that can be collected, in order to maintain business activities, are login information for websites or content systems or personal information needed for writing purposes. 1.6 Processing and use of personal data
1.6.1 The personal data is used by the designer, as required by law, on invoices needed for business transactions between client and the designer.
1.6.2 To maintain the client relationship, occasional emails or updates will be send.
1.6.3 Personal data and information shared with the designer can also be used in order to write biographies, CV’s or other personal documents, only when requested by the concerning client.
1.6.4 The financial administration will be shared with a professional account, who is working in compliance with the GDPR law.
1.6.5 Possible login information will only be used as and when requested by client,
1.7 Managing & saving personal data
1.7.1 Personal data, needed for the financial administration, will be saved on the personal computer of the designer and on the backup system OneDrive. The data will be kept for a duration of 5 years, as required by law.
1.7.2 Emails, including documents, will be deleted every 6 months.
1.7.3 Work documents, including biographies, CV’s and other text documents, that include personal information, will be saved on the designer’s personal computer and OneDrive for 6 months, to assure both client as designer with a backup copy. After 6 months these documents will be deleted.
1.7.4 Login information for websites or Content Management Systems will be saved in a coded document, on the personal computer and OneDrive, as long is needed for work purposes. Emails, including login information, will be deleted within 1 week after receiving the email.
1.8 Request to eliminate personal data
Personal data or documents can be deleted upon request, by contacting The concerning document or data will be deleted within 30 days after receiving the request. Personal

data that needs to be saved for a longer period of time, due to law requirements, cannot be deleted, about which the applicant will also be informed.
1.9 Data leak & prevention
The designer will do all the possible to prevent possible data leakage. In case of a data leak, the user/client will be informed a.s.a.p.


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